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The cash loans with mortgage from Millennium Bank - available in all the 41 branches of the bank

Starting the month of April, Millennium Bank extends the selling of the mortgage loan products, destined to individuals, in all its 41 branches.

Starting the month of April, Millennium Bank extends the selling of the mortgage loan products, destined to individuals, in all its 41 branches. Until now, these products were available only in the 11 Financial Centers of Bucharest and the country.

At the moment, Millennium Bank offers its individual clients two types of mortgage based credits:

-  The Mortgage Loan

-  The Cash Loan with Mortgage

The Mortgage Loan is a product destined to the acquisition and construction of real estate assets. The maximum tenor is 40 years. The top amount that can be borrowed reaches 500,000 EUR or the equivalent. The bank finances a maximum of 85% of the real estate asset value, in the case of houses/apartments acquisition, and 75% in the case of land acquisition. If the credit is destined for the building of a house, the bank covers in proportion of 100% the construction expenses. For the construction loans, there can be offered a grace period of 24 months for reimbursing the loan. The credit is assured with the mortgage of the financed real estate asset.

The Cash Loan with Mortgage is a product destined to the financing of the general needs of the clients without the necessity of showing the bank, the destination of the loan. The credit is obtained through mortgaging a real estate asset (apartment/house/terrain) that belongs either to the client or to another person (relative/friend).

The maximum tenor is 30 years, and the top amount that can be borrowed is of 150,000 EUR or the equivalent. The Bank finances a maximum of 85% of the asset value - if the mortgaged asset is a house or an apartment, and 75% if it is a terrain.

The loans can be offered in RON, EUR or CHF. In order to give this loan, the bank accepts a sum of maximum three net monthly incomes – of the client and of other two co-borrowers (husband/wife/partner/mother/father/brother/sister/brother-in-law/sister-in –law). Furthermore, the bank accepts incomes obtained from different sources: salaries, bonuses, sales commissions, board incentives and censors, author rights, rents, dividends, income from freelancer activities, pensions, income from abroad, daily allowances, and daily allowances sailors.

Both products offer a free life insurance for the borrower throughout the entire loan period, if the standard risk subscription conditions are fulfilled.

For the clients that are using the Exclusive Package from Millennium Bank and transfer their salary in the bank account (a minimum of 1000 RON a month) it is applied a discount of up until 25% of the credit allowance commission.

Millennium Bank, part of the largest private group in Portugal - Millennium bcp, started its activity on the Romanian market on October 11th 2007, by simultaneously opening 39 offices in Bucharest and in other eight cities of the country. Millennium Bank addresses both the companies and also the population, by offering an impressive range of products. The initial investment for Romania is of 40 million Euros, but until the end of 2011, the bank estimates a 300 million Euros investment; moreover, by the end of 2009 the number of its offices in Romania will increase up until 100. Millennium bcp has a network comprising over 1500 agencies in Portugal, Poland, Greece, Mozambique, Angola, USA, Turkey and Romania.

Millennium bcp is a success story in European banking. Founded in 1985 and with total assets of EUR 79.3 billion (111 billion USD), net income of EUR 780 million (1.092 billion USD) in 2006, Millennium is Portugal's leading financial group and one of the top 100 in the World, and is listed on more than 40 national and international stock market indices with emphasis on the Euronext PSI Financial Services, PSI-20, DJ Eurostoxx banks, Bebanks, Euronext 100, of the Lisbon, Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam Stock Exchanges. Stock market capitalization at 12/31/2007, stood at 9.7 billion euros.

Millennium bcp provides a wide range of products and services, namely savings, investment, mortgage loans, consumer credit, commercial banking, leasing, factoring, insurance, investment banking, private banking and asset management among others, serving its Customers on a segmented basis. Emphasis is given to the Internet banking service, which has been distinguished in Europe for its quality and innovation. Since its incorporation, Millennium bcp has been renowned for its dynamism, innovation, competitiveness, profitability and financial strength. It has made its mark as the clear leader in several financial business areas on the domestic market and as reference at international level in the distribution of financial products and services. Banco Comercial Português's long-term rating notations are both high and stable : "AI" Moody's / "A" S&P / "A " Fitch, all of which have a stable "Outlook".

Over the years, Millennium bcp expanded its global reach through operations in international markets, namely in European markets of high growth potential, such as Poland (Millennium bank), Greece (Millennium bank), Turkey (Millennium bank) and recently, Romania (Millennium bank). At the same time, Millennium bcp develops other autonomous operations in diversified geographic markets either with strong historical relations with Portugal or in ethnic markets with relevant presence of Portuguese communities, namely, Millennium bim (Mozambique), Millennium Angola (Angola) and Millennium bcp Bank (USA). All operations are carried out under the Millennium brand. Millennium bcp is committed to building up a truly multi-domestic Bank of supra-national identity, with a focus on the creation of value in markets selected on the basis of a controlled risk profile and high growth potential, to become internationally recognized for excellence and innovation in the distribution of financial products and services.


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